The new generation of
sustainable activewear.

Made for every kind of workout. Powered by nature.
First collection available now!

We're on a mission to inspire people to be active, and to create sustainable, high-performing and comfortable activewear that protects our planet, people and health. No compromises.

Introducing Tripulse Tribe.
Together we create an impact.

Activewear made from wood fiber

Our aim is to remove harmful plastics from activewear and use the most sustainable nature-based fibers instead. We use Tencel for our first collection, a wood fiber made from sustainably sourced forests with true natural super powers.

Our materials
What makes our clothes unique

We make choosing sustainable sports clothes easy for you by using natural and non-toxic materials, fair European production partners and creating flattering athletic design.

Our approach

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do and of every decision we make. Sustainability for us means that we work at the intersection of function, environment, health and people, and this way protect our planet, health and fellow humans.

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Make fitness a driver for positive change

We are all about fitness, sustainability and community and want to be better to ourselves, our environment and each other. Find out about our story and how we live our values.

What our testers say

I love the softness of the fabric, that the leggings are not see-through and that the clothes are good for my body. The shirt is my total go-to in gym lately because it breathes really well!

Kevad, Estonia

I'm so truly madly deeply in love with the leggings. It is like you forget that you are wearing them.

Marble, Sweden

The clothes feel like an extension of my body - they feel so good I don't want to get out of them anymore.

Maki, Sweden

I have a strong allergy to dark synthetic fabrics which had a huge impact on my life. Since polyester is almost always used in sportswear, I was afraid that I would never be able to wear sports leggings again and no longer be able to exercise intensively. Thanks to Tripulse's skin-friendly clothing, I can now do sports without my skin reacting strongly to it.

Helena, Belgium

Super light, super breathable, super functional. Really love my Tripulse activewear.

Amanda, Dubai

The shirts are amazing, I practice volleyball in summer, and I fell in love with these because they really feel like a second skin to me! They're not bulky as others shirts, you just literally don't notice you are wearing anything. During my practice the shirt will get wet as I’m sweating, but the shirt remains light - and I can keep on playing without having to change it. I wear the shirts more than once without having to wash them. I just air-dry them and the fabric doesn’t even smell.

Laura, Italy