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Tripulse Originals 2.0

Our most popular leggings are back - better, stronger. Save 15% during launch week.

Activewear made from certified eucalyptus wood fiber.

No itching, no toxins, naturally superior comfort & freshness.

New In - Tripulse Originals 2.0

The beloved Tripulse Original leggings are back- with powerful enhancements based on our customer's feedback.

The perfect go-to activewear gear that's ultra-comfortable and versatile, and of course - natural, free from toxins and harmful plastics.

Happiness guaranteed

a vision for zero plastic

Tripulse was born out of the love for sports, people and nature, and a vision to free activewear from harmful plastics to make it truly sustainable. Frustrated that there was no high performing natural alternative available, Tripulse was created.

Together we create change

We're a small team passionate to truly change the activewear industry for the better - for our planet and people. But we can't do it alone and need your support to make it happen.

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Vote for a new generation of activewear - powered by nature instead of plastics.