Sustainability & Impact

Our commitment to sustainability defines everything we do - and makes us push the boundaries.
Why we must care

The fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world, and a major contributor to climate change. Most of the sports clothes today are made from mainly plastics like polyester that affect our environment and health significantly.

Climate action

More than just neutral - on our way to be carbon negative.

Our holistic approach to sustainability

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do and of every decision we make. Sustainability for us means that we work at the intersection of function, environment, health and people, and this way protect our planet, health and fellow humans.

Design philosophy

Sustainability starts already at the design stage of our clothes.
How can we create a piece of clothing that you will want to wear and love for a long time?

Materials & trims

Our aim is to use the most sustainable and at the same time functional materials, and to reach the “sweet spot” of true sustainability and function.
Instead of doing as much as necessary, we aim to innovate and do as much as humanly possible - and to constantly stretch the boundaries.

Ethical & transparent supply chain

Our aim is to have a very clear understanding of our supply chain and knowing all of the suppliers involved in making our clothes, from start to finish. And on top of that, making sure to only partner up with those suppliers that adhere to fair and ethical practices. Our supply chain is based in Europe.

Packaging & transport

Sustainability doesn’t stop with the product. It is a core part of everything we do, and that includes the selection of sustainable packaging materials and transport options. We also climate compensate transports.

Product life cycle

Our aim is to create a quality product that is long lasting and at the same time creates zero waste, from start to finish.

We choose materials that are durable and can last a long time when they are being taken care of in the right way (for that we always advise to read and follow our product’s care labels).

We also want to make sure that at their end of life, our products can either biodegrade without leaving harmful substances or microplastics behind, or can be recycled into new clothes or other products. The optimum is to keep our activewear in use as long as possible, and consider giving it a second life to another person or repairing it whenever possible.