Climate action

Our priority is to protect and preserve the natural world and climate action plays a key role in this.

We are Climate Neutral Certified on our way to be carbon negative

We created Tripulse not to create just another activewear brand - there are certainly enough out there.

Tripulse was created to offer truly sustainable activewear that is better for our planet, people and health without having to compromise on performance. As we couldn’t find any great options on the market that fulfill these requirements, we decided to create it and started Tripulse..

Sustainability at the core from the very beginning

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do and of every decision we make at Tripulse.

We have a holistic approach to sustainability that includes creating the most sustainable activewear possible, but also how we run our business and everything that goes into that. Ultimately, our aim is to protect and preserve nature, people and their health, and to create a positive impact in this world.

That is why we chose the most sustainable materials possible for our activewear, our materials are produced in a clean circular process that re-uses resources again and again, we carefully selected our suppliers from Europe and manufacture our clothes in a GOTS-certified factory in Portugal.

Sustainability is a big word that includes so many complex parts. We’ve outlined our approach and actions towards sustainability in much detail in the section "Our holistic approach to sustainability".

We are Climate Neutral Certified

One important part of sustainability is to consider the CO2 emissions caused by one’s business.

Through our sustainability approach we have brought the CO2 emissions connected to our brand to a very low level from the very start. But there are still CO2 emissions that occur as part of running a business and producing products.

And that is why we became Climate Neutral Certified on June 30th 2020. We have partnered with NGO Climate Neutral to measure our 2020 carbon footprint, purchase carbon credits to offset it in its entirety, and implement plans to reduce our emissions even further. Tripulse as a company including all our products and operations are now officially Climate Neutral Certified and we reached net zero carbon emissions

This makes Tripulse effectively "carbon neutral". The measurement is based on our complete footprint including scope 1,2 and 3 emissions such as those stemming from our supply chain, raw materials, transport, business travels and more.

In addition to that, we are already compensating all our transports by paying a bit extra and investing that money into climate projects from our shipping partners, such as reforestation or renewable energy projects. More on that in the "Packaging & transport" section.

More than just neutral - on our way to be carbon negative

So since we're officially Climate Neutral Certified and since we're doing extra efforts and compensation, this will actually make us more than just neutral. But there is no standard or measure for carbon negativity just yet so at this point Climate Neutral certification is as far as it gets in terms of standards.

Our biggest priority will be always to keep our emissions to a bare minimum and offset the remains by investing in projects that help fight climate change.

Climate change impacts us all, and we all have a role in tackling it. We believe that businesses have the power to make real, meaningful progress in decreasing global carbon emissions. After all, one of the key Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) we want to contribute to is SDG 13 Climate Action.

Joining forces to fight climate change

We’re joining more than 300 other brands that also became Climate Neutral Certified this year.

Climate change is an enormous challenge for the planet, but it's not a lost cause. If all companies offset and reduce their emissions, and customers support them for it, we can make incredible progress in funding climate change solutions and reducing our emissions, building a greener, healthier future for generations to come.

Let's save our planet. Together.