Climate action

Our priority is to protect and preserve the natural world and climate action plays a key role in this.

Making great products

Our mission is to do good instead of doing less harm.

That's why we tackle climate action and sustainability from the very core and integrate it in every decision we make, and a big part of that is our products.

We design our products and cherry-pick materials and packaging with sustainability and a low climate impact and CO2 emissions at the very core.

Though we have a very low climate impact compared to the industry, we still need to make extra efforts to do fully good.

And that's why we do more than creating good products. Read on.

100% climate neutral certified

Through our sustainability approach we have brought the CO2 emissions to a very low level from the very start. But there are still CO2 emissions that occur as part of running our business.

And that is why we measure, reduce and offset our scope 1,2 and 3 emissions and invest in nature-based climate solutions and have achieved Climate Neutral Certification by the NGO Cllimate Neutral. We get recertified every year. Find our certification, our reduction plans and the initiatives we are investing in here .

Climate Positive through overcompensation

We don't stop at being simply climate neutral.

We do additional climate-compensation by investing into climate projects with each shipping we do, and planting trees for every product purchased.

Why do we do that? Because we believe we simply don't have time to do otherwise.

We plant one tree for every product

Trees are the lungs of the world and are excellent at sequestering carbon. They are also an important home to many endangered animal species.

That's why we plant one tree for every product purchased with NGO Onetreeplanted in the areas it matters most, such as the Amazon rainforest.

We do this on top of our Climate Neutral Certification and to be carbon-negative.

Going Zero Waste

Our mission is to achieve zero waste in our supply chain - and that means giving products with small imperfections and that would otherwise go to waste a new life. Instead of ending up in landfill, we extend the product life cycle, avoiding CO2 emissions and making sure no waste is left behind. Our zero waste products can be found in our ZeroWaste Shop.