Design philosophy

Future proof, timeless, high quality.

Designing the perfect product

How can we create a piece of clothing that you will want to wear and love for a long time? For us, it’s about designing activewear that is of high quality and that you want to keep and use for a long time. That’s why we create our clothes with the following design principles in mind:

our design principles


Our clothes should support the activities they are meant to be created for. So we ask ourselves questions like “for what purpose(s) should this piece of clothing be used, and how can we optimally design it so it meets its purpose? What kind of features should it have? Can we elevate it?”

User-centric design

We create all our clothes with the end user in the center. That means we involve athletes and fitness enthusiasts like yourself in the entire product development process, from understanding user needs, to developing the design all the way to testing the final prototypes. We do this to make sure we create a product that YOU will love.


Quality is at the heart of our product values. Our goal is to design only high-quality clothes, and to make sure that they are durable and long lasting. Quality is an investment and enables you to buy less, but better, and supporting responsible consumption.


Feeling good and comfortable in our clothes and making sure they fit well on your body without distractions is key - so that you can concentrate on the activity and on living, and not letting the clothes get into the way of it.

Timeless design

Our products should out-live short-term trends and should still look great and classy in a few years time. That’s why we focus on timeless and stylistically pure design over short-lived trends.

Aesthetic & athletic identity

You should look and feel great in our clothes - otherwise you won’t love to wear them. That’s why we design our clothes with a beautiful and athletic look that makes you feel great and athletic.

Versatile & multifunctional use

We believe in less is more and being able to have a few clothes that meet a lot of different purposes. That’s why we aim to design our clothes in a way that lets you use them for different kinds of activities, and lets you combine them with different styles and colors. To support a more conscious and minimalist wardrobe.