Tripulse Archive

A place where we offer the last pieces of previous product versions at friendly prices

These include the last pieces of previous product versions with friendly prices.

They are garments that have passed our quality controls and have no faults or blemishes, but have been or will soon be replaced by an updated version. 

Our ambition is to offer activewear essentials and to create world-class products instead of launching new products all the time. That is why we upgrade our existing products from time to time, based on our user’s valuable feedback. Upgrades can include slight changes in fit, design, color, material composition or sizing. 

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between Tripulse Archive and our ZeroWaste Shop?

While our ZeroWaste Shop offers products that have small blemishes, are prototypes or products used for e.g. photo shootings, the Archive offers products without any faults or blemishes which are simply products that have been, or soon will be, upgraded since their original launch.

Our Archive pieces offer the perfect opportunity to get our high quality products at friendly prices and to secure yourself unique pieces that won't be produced in the exact same way any more.

Can I return archive pieces?

Yes, you can return archive products the same way as you can return our regular products - please see our return policy for further information.