Your perks & benefits:

  • Get a personal purchase discount for our products: Get a 25% discount code with the first piece of social media content you create.
  • Create extra positive impact: For every five pieces of content* you produce, we plant 10 trees for you with Onetreeplanted.
  • Get inspiration at our Tribe Gathering: Virtual or in person. We’ll have a get-together packed with an inspiring agenda based on any of our values on fitness (physical and mental), sustainability and community.
  • Possibility of being an early product tester: As we grow the brand, we need people to test our new products. While we won’t be able to include everyone in testing, we might ask some of you to test our new products.
  • Part of product development: We'll actively consider your feedback and the ideas you give us for our existing and future products which we might then put into action when creating our next products. Meaning you can influence what we create.
  • Get featured on Tripulse Social Media: We’d love to share your created content with our community.


Your role & contribution:

  • Create impactful social media content: Inspire others. Help us spread the word about our shared Tripulse mission, the values we stand (a refresher here) and our products by creating relevant and authentic social media content*. We highly encourage you to use your social media accounts for good. Do something good** for the environment, physical and mental wellbeing and/or the community and share it. Don't forget to tag @tripulseofficial and #tripulsetribe. Remember authenticity and to be your awesome self. To unlock your discount on your next purchase, create social media content* about these topics on Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn. Check out our FAQs to find out important details depending on what kind of profile you have (public or private, or none). 
    • Give product feedback: The more feedback we get, the better products we can create for you. We will send surveys every now and then, and we encourage you to share in the moment feedback to
    • Give a product review: Leave a product review on our website. It helps future customers make an informed decision. We'll also plant one tree in your name with Onetreeplanted.
    • Be proactive: We encourage you to reach out to us for any questions or ideas you might have, such as if you have been thinking about a product we haven’t created yet but you really want us to make, see a need in the community that we haven’t spotted, want to suggest a changemaker we should feature. You can reach out to us at


    *As one piece of content classifies:

    • Instagram: a post (image or video), a reel, an IGTV, a story
    • Facebook: a post (image or video), a live, a review, a story
    • LinkedIn: a post, a story

    ** What classifies as doing something good?

    •  A beach clean-up, river clean up or park clean up, plogging, all activities that remove waste and plastics from our environment
    • Volunteering with a charity or NGO (social, environmental or animal-rescue related cause)
    • Planting trees, creating a wild meadow where plants and insects can flourish, getting involved in permaculture or regenerative farming projects.
    • Organizing or actively participating in educational events or meetups around social and environmental issues
    • Organizing, executing and/or participating in sports or fitness classes or any other activities that positively impact people’s physical and mental health (can be anything from workout and yoga or meditation classes, to heading a sports team or club and much more)
    • If you have another idea but are uncertain if it qualifies, just drop us an email to

    Disclaimer: Tripulse reserves the right to change the content including perks, benefits and responsibilities, as well as conditions of the Tripulse Tribe program at any time. Tripulse also reserves the right to reject or expel individuals from the program, due to an unfitting profile, racist, misogynist, discriminating statements or actions. 

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