Can I also participate even if I don’t have any Tripulse products? 

Yes, the ultimate goal of Tripulse Tribe is to create positive impact on our planet and people. So even if you don't have our products (yet) you can still participate by creating content that aligns with our guidelines

How do I get a discount?

You can get a discount by making and sharing relevant content on social media.

If you have a public social media profile: Post on your social media channels on Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn and tag @tripulseofficial and #tripulsetribe.

If you have a private social media profile: Post on your social media channels on Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn and tag @tripulseofficial and #tripulsetribe. As else we won't be able to see your content, you'll need to send us an email to including the post or a screenshot of it. Sounds difficult? It’s easier than you might think:

  • From Instagram: Open Instagram, navigate to the picture, click the three dots on the top right of the post, select “Share to”, and then choose your email to send it to us.
  • Facebook and LinkedIn: Take a screenshot, attach it to the email

I don’t have a social media profile at all. Can I still be part of Tripulse Tribe and get a discount?

Yes, and yes. We appreciate people who are actively engaged in their local community without the use of social media. If you do something that creates a positive impact and that is in line with our content guidelines and sharing it with other people (except that it is in the physical world and not on social media), then you can also redeem the same discount and enjoy the same benefits. Share with us what you do, in text, a short video, and/or images, and send the info over via email to .

How do I redeem my discount?

You will receive a unique discount code to the same email address you provided when applying for the Tripulse Tribe community membership. Once you sent us your contribution, we will share the discount code with you. You can then use this discount at check-out during your next purchase on our webshop on .

Is there a limit on how many discount codes I can get?

No, there is no limit. However, you can only use one discount code at a time.

Can I use more discounts together?

Sorry, that’s not possible. You will only be able to use one discount code at a time. So, while you can collect discount codes, you cannot stack them. But you can give them to your friends, or family, for their birthday, or Christmas, or just because they are awesome!

When will I get another discount code?

Once you have received your first discount code, you can get another discount code once you made a new social media piece of content that aligns with our content guidelines. You can find them here.

How do I know the trees have been planted and where?

Once you have created 5 pieces of content, please share these pieces of content with us via . We will have ten trees planted for you with the non-profit organization Onetreeplanted and we'll send you a confirmation email.

Any other questions? We're happy to hear from you, just email us at .