Tripulse launches a new generation of sustainable activewear made from wood fiber

Stockholm-based sustainable activewear label Tripulse launched its first collection of sportswear made from wood fiber online at, paving the way to remove harmful plastics from athletic clothing and to make it truly sustainable. 

The collection and what makes it different:

The first collection is made up of timelessly designed leggings, t-shirts and tank tops for women available on

“It was important for me to push the boundaries and to create a new generation of activewear that is far more than purely functional: It is also very eco- and health-friendly, ethically made and can be used for all kinds of workout intensities", explains Tripulse founder Franziska Mesche

The first collection is made from TENCEL™ material, a wood-based fibre derived from sustainably grown forests and produced without toxic chemicals in a circular process where no resources go to waste.

TENCEL™ has several inherent qualities that make it perfect for sports, such as being breathable, naturally inhibiting bacteria and odor growth, and being very gentle to the skin. 

"The materials are free from toxic chemicals and Oekotex Standard 100 certified ensuring that we don’t have to worry about toxins entering our bodies when we sweat", Mesche says. 

TENCEL™ is biodegradable and compostable, which means the product does not have a negative impact on the environment at its end of life and leaves no harmful microplastics behind. 

The Tripulse team went above and beyond and made sure that even the smallest details are in line with our strict sustainability criteria: Drawstrings for the waistband  are made out of an organic cotton and natural rubber mix, the printing is an eco-friendly water-based ink solution and the care labels are made from organic cotton.

“Material is only one aspect of sustainability. Our supply chain is based in Europe to guarantee fair labour conditions. It’s a higher cost - but that’s what it takes if you’re serious about sustainability and if you want to create a fair and truly sustainable product”, Mesche expands the Tripulse approach to sustainability. 

Purchases are packed in fully recyclable, biodegradable, recycled or FSC-certified materials and transport of items is climate compensated. 

The first collection is for women, but Mesche insists that Tripulse will also include men's activewear in the future. "Ultimately, we want to give everyone the opportunity to work out much more sustainably, and this way contribute to protecting our planet, people and health”, she concludes.

Why we need to make activewear more sustainable and remove plastics:

Most conventional sportswear today is made from polyester, a type of plastic derived from crude oil.

"There are two major issues with plastics in sportswear. First, it pollutes our environment, especially as it releases microplastics into our waters when we wash it - and they often end up in living organisms and can cause harmful effects in them”,  Mesche explains.

Second, research has shown that plastics like polyester often contains chemicals that can be absorbed by our skin and can cause health issues including allergies, skin irritations and potentially other more severe effects. “I’ve had people share experiences of strong allergies from wearing polyester”, she continues.

“It’s great to see that more brands are using recycled versions of polyester in clothing, however, these environmental- and health-related issues still persist”.

The mission to create sustainable sportswear without harmful plastic started more than a year ago when Mesche learned that the fashion industry is the 2nd most polluting industry and a major contributor to climate change, and that most of our sports clothes today are made from crude-oil derived fibres such as polyester. 

Instead of just being frustrated about it, Mesche decided to become part of the solution and started Tripulse. Many months of testing and research led Franziska to discover the right material and after a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2020, the first collection is now available online. 




About Tripulse

Tripulse was founded in 2019 by Franziska Mesche with the mission to create truly sustainable, health-friendly, ethical, high-performing and comfortable activewear without harmful plastic. The brand name stands for the “tri = three" areas of fitness, sustainability and community and “pulse = the energy of life”, which form the core values of the brand. Its mantra is to BE BETTER, meaning to be better to ourselves, our environment and to each other. 



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