Hi, I’m Franziska, the founder of Tripulse.

First of, thank you for your time and curiosity to "dig" behind the scenes of Tripulse and to find out why we exist. 

For this, I'd love to share my personal story of why I created Tripulse with you.

After having worked for many years in the tech industry, I decided to take some time off and spent some time in Asia - basically to volunteer and figure out what I truly wanted to do with my life. After some deep reflections I finally decided to pursue my neglected dream of making a meaning- and impactful difference in this world by expressing my passions and utilizing my strengths and experiences.

And for me this translated into creating my own sustainable activewear brand: With the purpose to create sustainable and ethical activewear that is comfortable and high-performing, that doesn’t harm our planet, people’s health and where no one in the process had to suffer. No compromises.


But this brand should be more than just a mere sustainable activewear label - it should be a community of people who value our planet and nature, fellow people and physical and mental fitness, and who share, live and spread these values around them.

Why did I decide to create just that kind of brand?

I’ve been environmentally-conscious for a long time and tried in many ways to reduce my own carbon footprint. But there was always this nagging feeling that I was still doing too little, and that I could do much more than that and widen my impact.

I’m living in Sweden for a few years now and have the privilege to enjoy its pristine nature. I admire Sweden’s exemplary role in putting sustainability high on the agenda and I felt it is now my turn to contribute to it as well. And to protect what is still so abundant in this country - but already quite rare in many other parts of the world.

I started looking into the most polluting industries and biggest climate change contributors in the world and found that the fashion industry with its ever-increasing “fast fashion” movement hits the top ranks. It made me realize that my love for buying new and trendy clothes all the time, particularly sports clothes, was actually a big part of this problem.

I wanted to change this and find ways to contribute to a world in which “slow fashion” and conscious consumption is being valued. Clothes that are of high quality, sustainable and ethically made and that people want to keep and appreciate for a long time.

As much as I love nature and people, I’m also a huge sports- and health enthusiast for all of my life. From running, basketball, HIIT workouts, boxing, Pilates and yoga - there is almost no workout or sport I haven’t tried and enjoyed. Being active has helped me both physically and mentally to stay fit and healthy and to take on ever greater challenges in my life. I now want to inspire others to get active too and to benefit from fitness the way I did.

With my love for nature and my health-consciousness came also my frustration that I didn't find activewear in which I felt truly good in and which was not made from materials that shed harmful microplastics, use huge amounts of water or harmful chemicals, that itch my skin, or are cheaply made under unethical working conditions. I was tired of always having to do some kind of compromise.

Captivated by these insights I made it my quest to create the solution myself: A “one-stop-shop” for sustainable and high-performing activewear that protects our planet, people and health. No compromises. And a supportive community around it that shares, lives and spreads our values. And this is how Tripulse was born.

Thank you for caring and I can't wait for you to train in a pair of Tripulse clothes. I created Tripulse for YOU and can't wait to connect with you and hear your feedback, wishes and ideas for the future.

With love,