Did you know the true cost of your clothes isn’t what’s on the price tag?

The money you spend upfront is just a small part of the whole picture. From a financial perspective, the true cost of clothing is the quality of the piece, what it's made out of, how long it lasts, and how many times you’ll wear it.

At Tripulse, we want you to love your sports clothes for as long as possible. That’s why we’ve created this post to help you invest in the right pieces and keep them looking new for longer.

What is ‘cost per wear’ and why should I care?

When shops are selling clothes for less than coffee and cake, it’s tempting to buy a new outfit for every event. But when your top falls apart after one weekend, is it really worth the money?

The cost per wear concept (CPW) is a simple equation to help you work out the true value of your clothes. It takes the price you pay when you buy the piece and divides it by the number of times you wear it.

If the number of times you wear an item before a) you no longer like it or b) it falls apart is low, then your CPW is going to be high. If you choose a timeless and good quality piece, however, you’ll get much more wear out of it and the CPW will be low. Use this calculation and that cheap and on-trend top, doesn’t look like such a good bargain after all.

This approach is not only better for your bank account but encourages a more caring and conscious mindset. A lot of time, effort, and resources go into the clothes your wear, yet wages for fast-fashion factory workers are 2 to 5 times less than what a worker needs to live with dignity (1).

At Tripulse, we know the value of clothes and make sure that our practices are as ethical as possible.

The key to keeping your CPW down is caring for your clothes like you would a treasured piece of jewellery. Here are three tips to help you out.

How to make your clothes last longer

1. Buy long-lasting items that you love

The easiest way to make your activewear last longer is to let companies do the work for you. Seriously, invest in high-quality pieces that are made to last and that make you feel good when wearing them. You can read more about our sustainable materials and design here.

2. Reduce doing laundry

This household chore is a prime suspect for wearing-out clothes, especially sports clothes, but what if it can be made simpler and more sustainable?

By choosing clothes made from a naturally anti-bacterial and naturally odor-resistant (important: naturally!) material such as Tencel you can avoid having to wash your clothes after every wear. It’s important to read the label when caring for your clothes, and we’ve made it super simple by putting a QR code on each product label which will take you to detailed information about looking after it.

3. Repair before you rebuy

Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a sewing whiz to stitch up a hole in your clothes. It’s even quicker than heading to the shops or waiting on a delivery. We love this simple video tutorial (2) on how to repair your clothes and fix a hole in your workout leggings.

Are you ready to keep your CPW down?

Invest in Tripulse activewear and see how long you can make it last.



(1) https://cleanclothes.org/poverty-wages

(2) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oay5j8t3icc

mars 02, 2022 — Franziska Mesche

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