Head to the gym. Yank up the waistband. Pull down the strap. Debate where to put your phone. Squat, but not so far down you can see through your pants. Reach up, but not so high your top rides up. Kit straight in the wash and repeat the next day.

Is this routine familiar to you? Are your clothes hindering your workout? We hear you, and we’re here to help.

Whether you’re a runner, an avid gym or yoga lover, your activewear should elevate your experience and help you reach peak performance. That’s why we’ve designed high-performance activewear with everyone’s workout in mind.
Now, let’s see how it stands its ground against these 5 popular workouts.

1. Yoga

Beneficial for both the mind and body, yoga is the workout trend that keeps on growing. But have uncomfy clothes ever left you feeling out of balance?

There’s nothing more distracting than ill-fitting activewear when you’re trying to focus. Made from a unique eucalyptus fibre blend, our leggings are snug to the skin and soft to touch. 

They don’t slide down and aren’t see-through, so you’ll be able to stay present in your practice. Not to mention they’re super flexible, just like you yogis, and move with you as you flow.

2. Hiking

There’s something so breathtaking about being on the top of a mountain that it almost makes you forget the effort it took you to get there. Almost. If it wasn’t for your smelly gym clothes.

You might have found that when temperature changes over your hike your clothes get uncomfy and can start to smell. Luckily for you, our leggings and tops are made from Tencel, a breathable, temperature regulating, and naturally antibacterial material. Now you’re all set for your next adventure!

3. Weightlifting

We’re upping the intensity here and moving from the mountains to the weight room. That’s right weight-lifters, our high-performance activewear is for you too.
Thanks to an adjustable drawstring inside of the waistband (your suggestion!), our leggings are completely squat proof.

No matter what weight you pick up, your leggings won’t slide down. They’re non see-through too, so you can concentrate on building your strength, and not others seeing your underwear.

Our shirts are designed for maximum movement and are light weight so that no matter which movements you're doing, they will serve you.

Need a space for your keys and gym card? Try our leggings with perfectly sized hidden pockets inside.

4. Running

As a runner, you want undistracted movement and clothing that will support you all the way. And material, that can breathe and feels good on your skin so that you feel comfortable even when you're in for the long haul. 

We've got good news for you. Our highly breathable leggings sit like a second skin so you can focus on what you do best - running. 

An upbeat playlist is a staple for many runners, but where do you put your phone? An arm-strap? It’s bound to slip down as soon as you sweat. What about storing it in your sports bra? As well as being even sweatier, having a phone pressed against you as you run can be super uncomfy.

We’ve engineered perfectly sized pockets on our leggings so you can store your phone without the fear it’ll fall out. If you prefer to take a screen break and leave your phone at home, our hidden pocket leggings are the ones for you.

Like our leggings, the shirts are made from highly breathable and naturally odor resistant material Tencel that feel as if you're not wearing anything (yes, that's the feedback we got from many of our users:)) - lightweight, gentle on your skin and no bad smells developing even during long runs. 

5. Gym training

Okay, this one is a little vague, but that’s because our activewear is suitable for just about any sport! The gym is home to a real mix-bag of movements, and we’ve kept them all in mind in our designs. For example, our tank top has a high neck and racerback for unlimited action and all kinds of workout intensities.

You don't have to worry that your pants will slide down or that the fabric will hinder you while you're doing your squats - it's all been taken care of. The non-see through material of our leggings, the strong elasticity of of our leggings and the hidden drawstring will take care of it. 

If you’re a hardcore gym-goer your routine might require a lot of prep. We’re talking all the progress-tracking and protein shakes. Luckily, your activewear can be kept low maintenance even when you’re not.

Our fabrics are naturally breathable and antibacterial so you don’t have to wash your clothes after every session.


And there you have it, 1 activewear brand vs. 5 very different workouts. Breathable, antibacterial, squat-proof, phone storage, and the perfect fit – have we tackled them all?

Try our high-performance activewear and let us know how it stood up against your sport!

februari 14, 2022 — Franziska Mesche

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