I hope that wherever you are, you’re able to get outside today and enjoy our incredible planet. Here at Tripulse, we’re not only celebrating the beauty of our planet and doing our everything to preserve it, but also the fact that we’re once more officially Climate Neutral Certified .

You might wonder why we’re getting certified again since we have been certified before? Now, a certification only lasts for one year and every year we have to go through the certification process every year to ensure we capture our last year’s actual emissions and are not cutting any corners.

Why does it still matter to get certified? The reality is that even after facing an unprecedented global pandemic (and everything else 2021 threw at us), climate change is the single biggest threat to humanity - but the good news is that we have the tools to stop it.

The process to become Climate Neutral Certified is a months-long effort to measure, offset, and reduce our carbon footprint. These are actions that all brands - and individuals - can and should take now to “flatten the curve” of carbon emissions.

While Tripulse has sustainability at the very core from day one and we have brought the CO2 emissions connected to our brand and products to a very low level from the very start, there are still CO2 emissions that occur as part of running a business and making products.

Recap- What happened last year?

Last year we became Climate Neutral Certified for the very last time. You can read all about our last year’s emission and actions here and learn about the projects we invested in here . 

Why now?

Because we don’t have any time to waste.

Globally, we emit almost 60 billion tonnes of greenhouse gases every year. These are the carbon emissions that cause climate change, and the fashion industry, including the production of all the clothes which people wear, is responsible for around 10% of these emissions due to the resources and energy required to make and deliver the products.

We don’t have time for any governmental policies to be put in place and see it as our responsibility to do everything we humanly can to reduce our footprint, even though it has been relatively small from the very start. The good news is that businesses can, and should, act quickly to help get our Earth’s CO2 emissions to a minimum and because scientifically-vetted solutions to climate change exist, and they are accessible to companies.

How did we get here?

We are doing our share to eliminate carbon emissions. We worked with Climate Neutral as we measured and offset last year's carbon emissions, and identified ways to reduce future emissions. This process took a significant amount of time and resources from our team, but ultimately it’s a reasonable cost compared to the threat of climate change.

1. Measure

We measured our 2021 carbon footprint at 17 tonnes. To arrive at this number, we looked at all of the emissions created from making and delivering our products, including our supply chain emissions, employee commuting, business travel, and utility bills.

2. Offset

We offset these emissions by purchasing 17 verified carbon credits.

These carbon credits support a portfolio of projects including avoiding deforestation in Brazil and renewable energy projects. More details on the projects will follow in a future post.

3. Reduce

Last, but not least, we created a Reduction Action Plan to help lower our emissions over the next 12-24 months. They include:

- Reducing emissions from packaging by reducing its weight by 70%.

-Reducing emissions by using and selling products with slight defects or from leftover materials and giving them a new life.

At the same time, we’re still working on bringing return shipments to a minimum by e.g. optimizing sizing and product information.


What happens next - Climate Neutral & beyond

Now we are officially Climate Neutral Certified - once again.

In the next months and year we’ll be taking action on our reduction plan and bringing our CO2 emissions down even further. And after a year’s time, we’ll measure our emissions again and repeat the process.

But our work doesn’t stop there.

Since the beginning climate action has been a key part of our sustainability journey and we have been doing additional efforts to be more than neutral by compensating more than required (read more here) .

We do this by extra climate-compensating all our shipments to our customers and planting one tree for every product purchased in the places it matters most. This makes us more than “just” neutral and you can call it “climate positive”. But there is no standard for carbon negativity or climate positivity just yet we are having the Climate Neutral Certification and doing additional compensation on top of that.

Consuming responsibly and with a good conscience

I want you to feel confident that by choosing Tripulse products you are not only making an active vote for our planet and climate and do “less harm”, but that you actually also contribute to something positive.

I believe that people vote with their wallets and that by choosing Tripulse you can rest assured that you are making a positive difference to our planet and can trust we did our homework, and the actual work, to make this happen.

To the future - and transparency

By sharing all these details I want to give you the transparency that you deserve to know, and I want to show how we’re working to live up to our claims of climate action. And with that I hope that other brands will see what we did and become inspired to take action.

I’d love to answer any questions you might have - simply leave a question in the comments below.

Let’s protect and preserve our home planet with the scientific tools we have available now - so we can create a positive change, NOW.

With love,

Franziska (founder of Tripulse)

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08 August, 2022 — Franziska Mesche

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