Curious to know what’s in your sportswear and why we should care? 

We’re so excited to share great insights and golden information from textile engineer and Fashion Changers author Franziska Uhl. We chat with her about all things sportswear, what it's made out of, its impact on our environment and health, and the future of sustainable sportswear.

Over the next few weeks we’ll share some short clips from this interview, one question at a time.

For us to do better and #bebetter, we first have to know better. This is why we share all this content with you - making it easier for us to make more conscious choices.

Learn more about Franzi on Instagram @franzi.uhl and read her article on (in German only). 


 1. Introducing Franzi Uhl 


2. What is polyester?


3. What's the environmental impact of polyester?


4. What's the impact of polyester on our health?


5. Why does polyester get smelly when we sweat, and (Tencel) lyocell doesn't?


6. How does lyocell (Tencel) compare to polyester?


7. What's the difference between TENCEL™ lyocell and just lyocell?


8. Is recycled plastic the solution for sustainable clothes?


9. What's the future of sportswear?


October 04, 2020 — Franziska Mesche

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