Activewear is a sum of its parts. We believe that movement is a deeply-rooted human need, and the need for a movement in sustainable and toxin-free fashion is a must! Here is a selection of fitness activities that suit the Tripulse collection really well, while keeping your skin and the planet healthier:

Running through nature trails, doing marathons in a city, hiking through a mountainous landscape, our unique composition of Tencel™ fabric is your skin's best friend. The TENCEL™ fibers are highly breathable and naturally structured to manage the transportation of moisture.


Submicroscopic canals between the fibers regulate the absorption and release of moisture, which contribute to your performance of physical activity by keeping your body refreshingly cool and dry for the long haul. Best yet, it's naturally resistant to bacteria growth and odor development, meaning you don't need to wash it after a long day hiking. Air-dry will often do.

Strength training, be it with your own bodyweight or gym weights, are excellent fitness activities to do in your Tripulse activewear. With constant friction against the skin, things can start to heat up. Our Tencel™ fabric, with its smooth fiber surface and free from toxins, protects the skin from irritation. 

Hop into our activewear when doing Pilates or Barre for a better posture and toning your body, Vinyasa or any kind of yoga for building balance, strength and flexibility, or Iyengar for better muscle alignment. Slippery hands and legs from touching wet fabric are reduced. You can now hold that pose effortlessly.

Bike rides for leisure, power walking and, perhaps, just a stroll with your friend in the city are just as natural in our activewear than what you'd normally wear. Don't have time to iron out those wrinkles in your outfit? Tencel™ is the wrinkle champion - its fibers are naturally wrinkle resistant, meaning you can throw it on while on the go and don't need to iron it. Feeling comfortable, looking fresh and having full mobility is a must for any kind of movement.


But it's not only the unique composition of our Tencel™ fabric that makes the Tripulse activewear very suitable for these activities. We spent more than a year perfecting the design, form and function of every single piece, heavily testing it with athletes and leisure fitness enthusiasts.

The result is an activewear collection that is carefully designed to fulfill your needs while you're doing your favorite movements, that works for you and not against you when things start to heat up, and that will will elevate your workout experience. We don't want you to worry over whether you are wearing the right piece of clothing for all the different workouts you love doing, but want you to have one outfit that fulfills your different workout needs, that makes you feel and look great, and that supports you in your every move. 


september 03, 2021 — Franziska Mesche

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