We’re so excited to announce our Tripulse Changemaker Hub to you.

What is it?
It’s a platform where we showcase individuals or organizations from anywhere in the world who are actively working on something that creates a positive impact in the world: On our environment, animals and wildlife, to other people or society at large, to people’s fitness, health and wellbeing (physically, mentally, spiritually). It’s someone who lives the Tripulse “Be Better” spirit and inspires others through their actions to do so too.

What’s the purpose?
By sharing their stories and lifting their voices, we want to inspire you to “be better” and to give you the motivation that you too can make a positive difference.

By featuring their stories and lifting their voices, we want to share what inspires us to "be better” and hopefully motivate many more people. Feel free to share these stories! Everyone can make a positive difference but if we are many we are stronger.

Who's our first changemaker?

For our first interview we had the fantastic opportunity to meet Dutch changemaker Daan Strang, the founder of Target Earth Foundation and Plogsack, organizer of clean up tours and events, and an enthusiastic "plogger" who cleans up waste daily wherever he goes - and inspires the people around him to join his mission.

In this first video of Daan he shares with us what "plogging" is and gives us an insight into his work. Stay tuned for more videos to be released the coming weeks.


In this video, Daan shares with us more about microplastics and why it is important to also pick up the "little pieces":


Why should we all do "plogging", and what are Daan's tips to get started? Find out in this video:


We asked Daan, he answered:

What’s your name, where do you live?
Daan Strang, Schoorl, Bergen, Netherlands.

What do you do that creates a positive impact, and for whom? I address consciousness for the environment and climate through activating people to participate in clean up projects. I do this for nature, earth and all inhabitants, mainly animals.

Why is what you do important, and why do you do it? Because I believe lots of humans have become disconnected from nature. I do it because it makes me feel happy and brings me fulfillment.

What made you go into driving that change, and how did you get started? I was walking over the beach daily and discovered cleaning up litter brings positive energy and makes you connect to nature and climate. During a burnout I discovered my part of nature and my mission!

What’s your mission of doing this, and what do you want to achieve through it? My mission is to help others contribute to a better world. I want people to feel useful and change behaviours which are destructive into constructive behaviours.

How do you find the courage/endurance to do this?
It just gives me a great intuitive feeling and hope!

What were the main roadblocks that you encountered?
Opinions of others, discussions, and politics... It seems a mission which is infinite, and thus hard to reach success.

What are the top 3 things that help you stay motivated?
Seeing the change, feeling that it matters, and reading and hearing how others are inspired.

What’s your dream with making this change?
To create a circular, conscious and connected world which is healthier and more
logical and sustainable.

What’s in your opinion the most pressing issue in regards to "plogging", why? Do good for yourself whilst doing good for a higher power like nature. Sports and sustainability can be the same purpose.

 Daan cleaning up the beach and plogging with his dog

Who is a changemaker or person that inspires you and why? Leonardo di Caprio, Greta Thunberg, Steef de Ruijter and me myself and I and countless others...

What’s your favorite book? I don't think in favorites as it changes all the time.
At the moment Ikigai, and I like Dan Brown novels. Writing a book myself!

What 3 pieces of advice would you like to tell the younger generations and aspiring change makers? Persevere, feel and Do!

What are some small changes we all can do to help protect our environment, live more sustainably and getting more active? Eat different, buy and consume different and clean up the planet daily.

Where can we educate ourselves more on this topic in general - can you recommend any good resources? Too many choices. Perhaps David Attenboroughs documentaries? Mainly listening to you inner voice of intuition.

What’s your best “cure” to cope with the Covid crisis? Stay active, positive and connected to nature a lot. Don't watch too much media and follow your guts.

What’s your favorite workout or physical activity? Running, swimming, hockey, plogging!

How do you keep yourself active and healthy? I try to keep a rhythm, exercise and walk a lot. I eat mostly vegan/vegetarian and meditate.

Where can we find more of you and the great work you do?

What’s your personal motto/favorite quote? "Live in the now, fear is a liar" and "I am that I am". "Be the change you wish to see in the world" and "Let there be light!"

What’s your definition of “be better”? Be critical on who you are and what your inner voice keeps saying that you aren't following up enough. It is your inner voice which is trying to guide you. The brain just creates many fears and limitations.


Daan and his dogs happy after a beach cleanup and plogging



Know a changemaker we should get in touch with?
If you identify yourself as a changemaker or know someone who does, please reach out to us on info@tripulse.co - we’d love to connect and are always interested in featuring inspiring people who are making our world a better place.

februari 26, 2021 — Franziska Mesche

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