It's published! I'm so honored and grateful to have contributed to this amazing book on "Circular Economy: New Solutions for a Better Tomorrow" - using Tripulse as a case study and representing circular models in the fashion industry.

I highly recommend reading through this book, getting challenged, absorbing the knowledge, and reflecting how each of us can bring circularity and sustainability into their respective area of business. This is not only theory, but also backed up with incredible case studies of actual companies from various industries which are implementing circular business models. You can get your copy HERE or send an email to if you simply want to lend this book!

One of my biggest motivations of doing business is using business as a force for good and as a driver for positive change - and finding new, better ways that will benefit our planet, people and the economy.

Being part of this book together with lots of other inspiring individuals and changemakers, I feel deeply humbled and thankful.


Franziska (founder of Tripulse)


About the book:

Every leaf that falls from a tree becomes part of a new circle. In non-human ecosystems, everything is re-used or re-purposed. The natural world is the perfect circular system. Why is the same not true for humankind? Most of the things we possess will ultimately not be used for a long period of time. The current take-make-waste approach is a given fact of our present economy that we have perfected since the industrial revolution.

The editors Dr Guenther Dobrauz-Saldapenna and Nicolas Huras believe that we urgently need to change our ways of producing, consuming and living. It is time to seriously consider circular economy as an alternative model. This book brings together thinkers and innovators from academia as well as business who share their ideas.

Does it deliver answers to all our challenges? Probably not, but it is a great place to start. The future must be circular and decentralized.

This book was printed according to the Cradle to Cradle® principle. The dust jacket contains flower seeds and can be planted in the ground: watch the flowers grow!

Tripulse founder Franziska Mesche has contributed to the book with a case study exemplifying how circularity can be achieved in the fashion industry, and sharing Tripulse unique way of incorporating it in the activewear segment. 


Some extracts from the Tripulse case study in the book - written by Franziska:

"The list of issues tied to the fashion and activewear industry goes on and goes beyond the scope of this article. In short, the fashion industry and the way we make and consume (sport) clothes needs a “make-over” and that is what I decided to do with activewear.


We’ve chosen a holistic approach to sustainability and regard it as working at the intersection of the environment, people, health and function, and this way to protect our planet, health and fellow humans. We aim to give more than we take and want to make sure nobody and nothing has to suffer because of our existence, rather the opposite...For as long as we do things and use resources, we have an obligation to use them responsibly and that means continuously innovating on how we can do less harm and actually give more than we take.

My vision for the future is that businesses will be inspired to act as drivers for positive change and feel empowered and obliged to equally care for the planet, people and profit.

That businesses will act responsibly and with a mandate of using resources within planetary boundaries, to rethink their business models which will decouple growth and success from depleting non-renewable physical resources and harming our planet and people."



november 27, 2023 — Franziska Mesche

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