Jan - May 2019:

Our founder Franziska took a break from the corporate world and went to Asia to figure out how she can truly make an impact in this world and can help tackle one of the biggest challenges of our times, climate change. Putting her passions of sports, health and sustainability together and her frustration with plastics in sportswear, her idea of Tripulse was born.

Tripulse Founder and CEO in Asia

 May 2019 - May 2020:

The Tripulse entrepreneurship journey begins.

Research & product development: Searching for the right material, interacting with athletes and fitness enthusiasts to create the perfect design, creating the design, prototyping, repeating the fit and design to achieve the perfect fit and function, testing the prototypes.

The Covid pandemic started created additional challenges and delays (material delays, factory delays).

Tripulse activewear production

June - July 2020:

The Tripulse Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign was successfully completed, allowing us to fund the first production round of the first collection for women.

Tripulse Kickstarter Campaign

September 2020 - March 2021

Developing the materials for our first production round including all trims, and
producing our first collection with our production partner in Portugal.

Tripulse activewear produced ethically in Portugal

April 2021

The production of our first collection is completed and we officially launched our very first collection for women on the Tripulse webshop .
We fulfilled all the Kickstarter orders of our amazing Kickstarter backers. 

Tripulse Company Milestones

June 2021 

Tripulse became officially Climate Neutral Certified by the NGO Climate Neutral. Tripulse as a whole (our products and our company) has net zero carbon emissions.

The projects we invested in:

  • Helped avoid deforestation in Papa New Guinea
  • Invested in a brazil nut concession project to help protect the local forest ecosystem
  • Helped avoid deforestation in Colombia where illegal logging is threatening the rich biodiversity
  • Helped avoid deforestation in Colombia by helping the local community to develop sustainable forestry.

Tripulse activewear and company are Climate Neutral Certified

July 2021

We launched our TENCEL Made to Move shorts.

Tripulse TENCEL lyocell Made to Move shorts debut

September 2021

Tripulse HQ moves to the north of Stockholm, with its own storage and office. Before that, Tripulse was literally run from Franziska's living room.

December 2021

  • Ca 400 happy customers and 400 minds changed on what is possible with nature-based activewear, avoiding millions of microplastics being released into our waters, and making a statement for our environment, health and people.
  • In total nearly 300 trees planted with NGO Onetreeplanted in the places most vulnerable to biodiversity loss and climate impact.
  • 101 happy customer reviews on our webshop (98 of them with 5 stars)
  • Amazing new partners and brand ambassadors partnerships created that help us spread the Tripulse mission and the change we want to achieve.

Tripulse Sustainable activewear


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