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This product is part of our ZeroWaste Shop where we offer products that are slightly "perfectly imperfect" and give them a new life.
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These leggings are made for maximum movement and are designed for all training intensities - and your skin and nature will thank you for it. Climate Neutral Certified.

They suit low, medium and high intensity training activities thanks to their ultra-comfortable and highly breathable fabric composition.

Designed with love in Sweden, all materials sourced and ethically made in Europe.

These leggings are part of our ZeroWaste collection. They have actually no issue, the only thing that has been done is that part of the inner seams have been sewn double at the inside to strengthen the seams even more. One of them has been used for a photo shooting but is like new. We still decided to offer them as ZeroWaste. Otherwise they are as our "normal" leggings and have been produced with the exact same materials and in the same factory and have not been worn before. We want to give them the life and love that they deserve and hope they'll find a new home and a customer appreciating its uniquely "perfect imperfections", at a reduced price.

If you want to know any more details, best to contact us here .


84 % TENCEL™ lyocell
16% Roica® V550 (more eco-friendly version of elastane)

Care instructions
  • Machine-wash at 30°C/86°F
  • Don’t bleach
  • Hang to dry, don’t tumble-dry
  • We recommend to air-dry instead of washing it after every use
  • Use mild detergent and no fabric softener (we recommend choosing environmentally - & health friendly detergents)
  • The shirt will likely shrink up to 5% after the first wash due to its natural origin (Note that we considered this shrinkage in our sizing guide. So when you feel that the shirt is a bit too long when trying it on for the first time, please consider it will shrink up to 5% after your first wash.)
  • "End of life" and disposal tips: If it is still in good shape - swap with friends, resell as second-hand, repair or bring to your local tailor for repair. If it is very worn out and can no longer be used, best to bring it to a local textile collection or recycling station. It can even be composted, but make sure you understand how to compost in the right way. 


Highly breathable
Skin friendly & hypoallergenic
Odour resistant
Certified wood fiber
Ethically made in Europe
Why to choose zero waste pieces
Why to choose zero waste pieces
Waste is a huge problem in the fashion industry - the majority of clothes get prematurely burned or thrown away. We want to reverse this and give every item the love and life it deserves, also those that have small blemishes and are "perfectly imperfect". And to create zero waste in our supply chain.
— Franziska Mesche, founder of Tripulse