Join us for a 15 mins "lunch break re-set" with certified yoga and meditation teacher Lisa Axelsson live from Mallorca, Spain.

Lisa will guide us through some great exercises that help open up and stretch our bodies and she'll end the session with clearing our minds through a short meditation. That's so much needed as many of us are sitting long hours and are working from home these days. ⁠⁠


Join us live on Thursday, May 20th from 12-12:15 CET


It's an Instagram Live session so join us through our Instagram channel @tripulseofficial

What to bring?

Just yourself and a place where you can sit, optimally a quiet one. You don't need to change clothes for this session - come as you are:). 

About Lisa:

Lisa Axelsson is a certified yoga and meditation teacher. Lisa's passion is to help people find space within their body, mind and soul as she believes that with this space we can then be better people off the mat.

One can call her a yoga and meditation guru having 500+ hours of yoga and meditation sessions under her belt - you can find out more about her on You'll be up for a treat:).