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Invest in activewear that's changing the game

In a world where nearly 100% of activewear is made from synthetics covered with toxic “function-enhancing” chemicals releasing microplastics into our oceans, and which don’t even feel good and smell easily - I was convinced there must be a better way.

In the past four years we've created a product range that outperforms conventional plastic activewear in major ways. Now is the time to make Tripulse everybody's first choice!
— Franziska Mesche, founder & CEO of Tripulse

Designed to outperform plastic

From early on we realised that sustainable products will only become the mainstream if they outperform traditional plastic in function, design, comfort and sustainability. Our products are kind to sensitive skin and always stay fresh, naturally - no matter how hard you train - thanks to the magical power of the latest material science and nature's superpowers. Plus they don't pollute our environment and bodies with hormone disrupting chemicals.

Today our customers in over 50 countries are working out in our natural activewear and 97% of them give the products five stars. In fact, most people say its the best activewear they've ever worn and will never train in plastic again.

Funded by customers & growing demands

Until now, Tripulse has been entirely funded through bootstrapping and customers. We've successfully completed two Kickstarter crowdfunding campaigns - something that very few clothing businesses have achieved. We achieved all that with an extremely small team, almost zero to none marketing budget, but with a healthy dose of passion and perseverance. 

However, many customers reached out to us asking for more products, more colors, more ways to find us and access our products.  

We're a small company competing against giant VC-funded businesses pushing cheap, unsustainable products to the market. We need resources to compete and to bring products to the market that are truly sustainable - for people and our planet.

Let's unite and change how the world works out

To create bigger impact and cater for growing customer demands, we simply need more resources. These will be used towards making more products available, opening new sales channels, and high-impact marketing to grow awareness.

Almost all activewear sold today is still made from plastic. We want to change this by replacing plastic & toxic activewear with healthier, truly sustainable & ethical alternatives that look good, feel good and do good. The potential and opportunity is virtually endless.

Invest in sustainable activewear powered by nature

We're closing our first funding round in Q3 2023 with an international team of already committed angel investors.

We're still looking for more investors who appreciate the immense potential in converting the world away from working out in plastic and who want to create meaningful impact.

Have you been looking for a sustainable business with a class-leading product in a fast growing market? We'd love to hear from you. Get in touch for more details.

Email us: franziska@tripulse.co / Connect on LinkedIn