What to use them for:

The Tripulse Original Workout Leggings are your perfect all-round workout companion and probably the most sustainable workout pants ever created. We went above and beyond to find the perfect material composition that is not only extremely sustainable and skin-friendly, but also engineered with smart features and for all kinds of workout intensities.

They are the perfect multifunctional pants for any kind of workouts: Running, gym, yoga, or anything else you love. You can even wear them on days when you just want to chill, feel comfortable or use them as your work from home pants.

The fabric features:

The fabric is naturally breathable, gentle to your skin, and with a cooling touch. It is naturally antibacterial, resistant to bacteria and odor growth - meaning the leggings won’t easily smell and you can wear them multiple times before washing. And on top of that, they are exceptionally comfortable.

The fabric is medium weight and feels smooth on the skin. Unlike many synthetics-based fabrics normally used for sports leggings, the Tripulse Original Workout Leggings don’t have that “plastic-like” feel and shiny look, and instead feel smoother and more organic.

The design & cut:

The Tripulse Original Workout Leggings are very stretchy and are engineered for unlimited freedom to move. They are non see-through, won’t slide down thanks to an adjustable hidden drawstring inside the waistband, have two pockets on the inside of the front waistband that is accessible from the left and right side.

The high waist and athletic cut is made for any body type and creates a flattering shape. Due to their minimalistic design and black color, they are a perfect fit with many clothes and other colors so you don’t have to worry about and waste time finding a matching complement. 

The black color is a slight black “off” tone and not very deep and dark black, making it look stylish and easy to match with any other color.

The long and short version of the Tripulse logo is embroidered in the front and back of the waistband in a slight dark grey color.

Our styling tip for you: These workout leggings match perfectly with our workout tank tops and t-shirts or any other shirt to complete your workout outfit. For a comfortable home or leisure look, pair them with a long cardigan, sweater or any other top you love.